Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Logo entry for BUFC Alumni

Uni tabi ang meaning kan design ko: The colors blue and red represents the Legazpi City (blue and red being the Legazpi City colors), and the sky blue background represents Bicol University. The shield represents strength and security, us being the guardians of the values and virtues of every alumni. The acacia tree is the symbol of resiliency, durability and longevity. The ball and the football player silhouette, of course, represents our sport. I colored it gold to symbolize achievement. The golden color represents each one of us, being winners and achievers in our own fields. The crown, medyo literal ang meaning ko diyan although it could also be equated with achievement. The crown's meaning is a question which could be literally answered by every alumni. "Sain na football club mo makukuka ang mga maurag na player kan Bicol region?" Hahahaha! Given na ang answer diyan. :D

Logo design and description by: Jeffrezinho Paulista

Sunday, September 11, 2011

BUFC Alumni Logo

The Logo is the first draft I visioned the club logo to look like. With the "Tree" as the focal point where all Almuni used to use it as the dressing/changing room. Gold for the Alumni feel and Blue to stay true to the Alma Mater. The crown symbolizing our triumph over all adversaries.

Inspired by Bicolano Football Players and dedicated to my Wife and Daughter.

design by: Timothy Dia

Friday, September 2, 2011

Revised Logo

With suggestions and comments provided the 1st revision has been completed. It took some time but thanks for all the feedback. Here is the revised logo. Feel free to criticize! Enjoy!

design by: Timothy Dia

Design was inspired by comments and suggestions of fellow club members and of course dedicated to my wife and daughter.


To all Football Teams/Clubs in Legazpi city.

Present developments in the national football scene has given the sport a much needed boost. In keeping with this re-awakened fervor for football in the country, there is a need for every grass root football organization to coalesced and pull their act together.

May we invite you or your representative to a meeting on Sept. 4, at 1:00 pm, at BU CSB-4 rm. 101.

Agenda for the meeting:

1. Legazpi Port Fiesta Football tour.
2. Creation of a football coalition in Legazpi City.
3. Other concerns.

Jose Aureus G. Lasin

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meeting Update

Last Saturday a meeting was set for this coming sunday. Clubs were tasked to submit a list of their members and officers; constitution and by-laws.

Formulation of the constitution and By-laws plus the election for officer for the Local Football Association was also tackled in the meeting. The name of the Association is still being decided on and will surely follow.

Clubs that do yet have the requirements needed will be assisted by those that are already organized and established.

Other concern from clubs will be discussed thoroughly during the said date. Romeo Robles also raised the creation of a Futsal Club which will also be part of the topics to be answered at the meeting, of course a follow-up is needed for this.

Currently Manila based Bicolanos are also planning on meeting up to start discussion on creating a similar sister club here in Manila for fellow players.

Request and encouragement is great for Bicolano players and Bicolano clubs in Manila to come back home to Bicol from time to time especially during tournament seasons. This would definitely help boost the moral and support for the love of football in the province.

Plans for a tournament is also under the agenda. Hopefully soon enough. The support from every Bicolano football lover is badly needed in order for the overall success and victory on this particular matter.

Thanks to all the information and contributions!

Mayon United F.C. Mabuhay!

Logo Study for Mayon United F.C.

The "Triangle" represents the majestic Mayon volcano. Also the "3" tips of the triangle emulates the sharpness and dedication of the heart, mind and body, the perfect trinity.

The "Lion" is the "Sleeping Lion" hill that can be seen at the shores of Legazpi guarding the beautiful Mayon volcano. It symbolizes the pride, discipline, patience, respect, faithfulness, loyalty, honor and above all fair play.

The football (ball) represents the sport itself. An entity that is the foundation that the club is built around with it in mind. The development and sustainability to produce "Top-Knotch quality professional players".

The banners where the words "Mayon" and "United" are etched merge everything together as one. Harmony and unity amongst all football players.

design by: Timothy D. Dia

Please feel free to criticize, object, suggest or even submit your own logo. Thanks!
Currently mixing and matching color schemes for the logo study.

Monday, August 29, 2011

The Gathering: Chapter 1

Football is undergoing another phase in Albay, Bicol. Changing for the best and for the future, a new mixture from the old and the new generation of all concerned football lovers gathering in one place to complete unfinished business.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Azkals take a break, visit Albay resort


MANILA—After a grueling year that saw them reach the second round of the World Cup qualifying, the Philippine Azkals take a much-needed break as they visit a luxury island resort in Bacacay, Albay Monday.

Misibis Bay, located in Cagraray Island, was personally handpicked by the celebrated football team.

Joining the three-day holiday are Anton del Rosario, Nate Burkey, Roel Gener, Jason Sabio, Richard Pacana, Patrick Ace Bright, Paolo Pascual, Misagh Bahadoran, Josef Malinay, Ricardo Becite and Yannick Tuason.

The Azkals return to action in the Long Teng Cup starting Sept. 28 in Taiwan. The team will be a mix of the seniors team and the Under-23 squad preparing for the Indonesia Southeast Asian Games in November.

The Azkals advanced to the AFC Challenge Cup main tournament for the first time by overcoming Mongolia in pre-qualifying, before finishing second behind Palestine in the group qualifying in Myanmar last March.

The Azkals saw their World Cup qualifying run end last July 28 when they lost to Kuwait, 1-5, on aggregate in the second round.

Still, they already made history by reaching the second round after beating Sri Lanka in their first World Cup qualifying tie in close to 10 years.

Thanks to Romeo Gongona and Bertrand Galvan for the info on FB. Azkals will be arriving at 10:30am at the Legazpi Airport.

Photo from:

From Philippine Futsal League FB Page:



Thanks to Alan Trinanes for the pictures and videos posted on Facebook and to Bertrand Galvan for the game schedule.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Making it Legal

To ALL concerned...

RE: Making Mayon United FC official (privately owned or group owned)

A. A meeting must take place in order to finalize the club.
-1. Organizational Chart
-1a. Election of Officials
-2b. Membership Rules and Vision, Mission.
-3c. Setting of regular meeting
B. Fees and Monetary aspects
-1. Bank Account creation for the Club
-2. Club Membership Fees
C. Register the Club to make it legal.
-1. Register with SEC
-2. Local Football governing body
-3. Official Leagues
-4. Finally if allowed register with PFF
D. Headquarters or Office
-1. Training pitch (fees and reservations)
-2. Official office for transactions

Initial concept...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Helping Hands!

Every weekend Coach Ferdinand Bachiller goes to Legazpi, Bicol regularly. He conducts basic football drills and trains young kids at Bicol University's football field. If you have kids, cousin or friends that have kids that are interested in learning the rudiments of football, you can refer them to him. The parents of the kids are very supportive and even prepare snacks for everyone. Every week one parent would be willing to share and prepare for the bunch. With the growing numbers of kids attending the task at hand for Coach Ferdinand Bachiller is endless. Thats why Romeo Robles, another good hearted football enthusiast is willing to help with the training. Others are welcome to come join in assisting Coach Ferdinand Bachiller. Extra man-power, cones, balls and bibs would definitely be a great help. So come on over, on Sunday mornings to Bicol University football field and join the cause!

Thanks to Romeo Robles for posting the info on Facebook. I just tried to repost his words and the beautiful work being done by Coach Ferdinand Bachiller for the football growth and development in Legazpi. More info can be provided so that I could make changes and updates to this post. Thanks again!

Fair Play!


Mayon Football Referees Association is currently being applied for registration in the SEC level. Thanks to the dedicated members of its association. The quality of football played in Albay will surely be enhanced with professional referees overlooking the game. Hopefully the misfortunes of football corruption would not affect this august association in the years to come. The past football years corruption has tainted the game and upcoming technology and development are under way to better the sport that we so love. I am hoping for the day that the words "Fair Play" will truly be the meaning it mentions it to be. To the organization of MAFRATON keep up the good work. Mayon United F.C. supports and encourages "Fair Play"!

Football Crazy?

Do you LOVE football? Are you Football Crazy? Send your pictures and details to We'll check your stuff and post them here.

Photos by: JAB

Mayon United F.C. Logo Making Contest

Design the Clubs Logo

The contest details will be added on the site. As of now please post concepts and ideas you wish to be added to the design aspect. The main idea is to make the Logo recognizable to any one. Email queries to for more details.

Winning Logo will be used for all merchandises and dissemination of the Club.

A Fresh Start

Football in Albay has gone from bad to worse. The culprits are the people that have long been handling such events for their on benefits and not the intention of development and propagation of the sport. Mayon United F.C. is now being created as we speak. Unofficially the Club was created by a handful of players online in using the group created for them there. The idea or creating something small to jump start the rejuvenation of the sport in Albay was quickly approved and accepted. The Clubs name was decided to unite all players in Albay, thus Mayon United Football Club was selected. The club information, updates and events will be posted on this blog site dedicated to the development and growth of football in Albay.