Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Logo entry for BUFC Alumni

Uni tabi ang meaning kan design ko: The colors blue and red represents the Legazpi City (blue and red being the Legazpi City colors), and the sky blue background represents Bicol University. The shield represents strength and security, us being the guardians of the values and virtues of every alumni. The acacia tree is the symbol of resiliency, durability and longevity. The ball and the football player silhouette, of course, represents our sport. I colored it gold to symbolize achievement. The golden color represents each one of us, being winners and achievers in our own fields. The crown, medyo literal ang meaning ko diyan although it could also be equated with achievement. The crown's meaning is a question which could be literally answered by every alumni. "Sain na football club mo makukuka ang mga maurag na player kan Bicol region?" Hahahaha! Given na ang answer diyan. :D

Logo design and description by: Jeffrezinho Paulista

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