Thursday, September 1, 2011

Logo Study for Mayon United F.C.

The "Triangle" represents the majestic Mayon volcano. Also the "3" tips of the triangle emulates the sharpness and dedication of the heart, mind and body, the perfect trinity.

The "Lion" is the "Sleeping Lion" hill that can be seen at the shores of Legazpi guarding the beautiful Mayon volcano. It symbolizes the pride, discipline, patience, respect, faithfulness, loyalty, honor and above all fair play.

The football (ball) represents the sport itself. An entity that is the foundation that the club is built around with it in mind. The development and sustainability to produce "Top-Knotch quality professional players".

The banners where the words "Mayon" and "United" are etched merge everything together as one. Harmony and unity amongst all football players.

design by: Timothy D. Dia

Please feel free to criticize, object, suggest or even submit your own logo. Thanks!
Currently mixing and matching color schemes for the logo study.

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