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International Veterans Football Tournament
February 2003 • NOMADS • Manila, Philippines
Eliminated during Semi-finals
Represented Blue Guards FC

Coach Jess, Mike Camaclang, Mike Canero, Timothy Dia, Coach Dingdong Locsin and other players.

Tournament - (Forgotten) Date - (Forgotten)
Bicol University Field • Legazpi, Albay
Represented Legazpi United FC

Coach Miranda, Ariel Barrios, Jobert Lorena, Carlo Trinidad, Edgar Maranan, Maricor Calleja, Jason Diaz, Don Arevalo, Timothy Dia, Dominic De Asis, Francis Diaz, Darwin Tolosa, Gogon.... 

Thanks for the update on members Peter Simon Arevalo

PSMP Philippine Cup 2004
 December 2004 • UP Diliman Football Field
(3rd Place or 4th ata, forgot again hehehe)
Represented Blue Guards FC

Timothy Dia, Alfie Ryan Bungcayao, Epok Valle, Paulo Locsin, Bert from Laguna, Coach Dingdong, Coach Jess, Mike Canero, Dodjie Locsin, Alden and other players.

2nd Division Globe Super Cup
Date - (Forgotten) • NOMADS • Manila, Philippines
Represented Blue Guards FC as Knights FC (Junior Blue Guards Team)

Zauro, Cocoy, Bert, Alpot, Ver, Buloy, Coach Pert, Coach Dingdong, Coach Jess, Chad, Harold, Tim, Mike, Nods, Epok, Kit, Kalog and other players....