Thursday, September 1, 2011

Meeting Update

Last Saturday a meeting was set for this coming sunday. Clubs were tasked to submit a list of their members and officers; constitution and by-laws.

Formulation of the constitution and By-laws plus the election for officer for the Local Football Association was also tackled in the meeting. The name of the Association is still being decided on and will surely follow.

Clubs that do yet have the requirements needed will be assisted by those that are already organized and established.

Other concern from clubs will be discussed thoroughly during the said date. Romeo Robles also raised the creation of a Futsal Club which will also be part of the topics to be answered at the meeting, of course a follow-up is needed for this.

Currently Manila based Bicolanos are also planning on meeting up to start discussion on creating a similar sister club here in Manila for fellow players.

Request and encouragement is great for Bicolano players and Bicolano clubs in Manila to come back home to Bicol from time to time especially during tournament seasons. This would definitely help boost the moral and support for the love of football in the province.

Plans for a tournament is also under the agenda. Hopefully soon enough. The support from every Bicolano football lover is badly needed in order for the overall success and victory on this particular matter.

Thanks to all the information and contributions!

Mayon United F.C. Mabuhay!

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